twelve months of podcast drama by queer, albertan playwrights in 2020

the alberta queer calendar project was an initiative by cardiac theatre, with the love and support of the audiophiles at what it is productions. it was a grand indie theatre experiment in transmuting the working of queer, albertan playwrights from stage to ear. playwrights hailed from, and had connections to, many corners of the province and a team of nearly one hundred artists came together to take thirteen plays to the airwaves.

our pre-pandemic project was quickly sidelined by the covid-nineteen pandemic. what was envisioned as a monthly release schedule – a calendar – throughout 2020 was delayed into 2021. the early plays of the project were recorded in person, but as the pandemic took hold this became impossible we very quickly transitioned in-person rehearsals and recordings online.

the bulk of these projects were recorded entirely in an online, socially distanced format, with separate audio tracks from each of the actors overlaid on-top of one-another to create the final product – including a full musical.

we were working from a medium of theatre, first and foremost. as with all theatre, it lasts only a little while and then it’s gone. it was never our intention for these audio plays to be available forever. many of the playwrights involved have already taken these plays to new stages.

our sincere thanks to all those who listened in 2020-2021.

harley morison, jessica glover, and liam salmon
alberta queer calendar project producers

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